Make Your Landing Page Stand Out

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In online marketing, a landing page is a lead capture page, that is, a page where traffic is sent after clicking on an advertisement to prompt an action or a result. This is of immense use in marketing because it displays a directed sales copy as an extension of your advertisement. This continuation function makes it very important for a marketer to create a compelling landing page and in this session we will tell you our six top tips to create an edgy landing page.

1.  Make a Clear Call to Action

The landing page is where your advertisement has directed a prospective client, so you need to deliver a clear persuasive message on it. Keep your logo from becoming the most obvious factor on the page, because the page is about your product, not your company. Make a strong copy without too much generic hoo-hah. Use only supportive visuals and cut the extra clutter to keep your visitor focused on the copy.

2.  Keep the Personal Touch

It is bad enough that online marketing faces stumbling blocks from people who like to make transactions with a person, but you can work around the blocks by providing contact information on the landing page, to give it a more personal feel. Visitors on this page view this information as direct accountability and that pulls the trust factor a few notches up. Use a phone number or email ID if you cannot provide your full contact details on this page and then link the page to a “Contact Us” page or form for more details.

3.  Have a Compelling Headline

Most visitors bail in less than 8 seconds from landing pages. In order to make a conversion, you need to understand that a good headline gives you nearly 80% opportunity to turn the visitor into a conversion because that is the first thing they read. Headlines should therefore state what benefit they receive in the deal and your biggest product offer. Cut out any extraneous material and only keep eye-catching information to make the headline more effective.

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