Why Choose Animated HTML5 Banners Instead of Animated Gifs

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The question of whether to use animated HTML5 banners or animated gifs as an ad is a hot topic among online digital advertisers. Both methods have advantages, but animated HTML5 ads are undoubtedly the better option. According to recent statistics, the majority of digital advertisers agree, with 65 percent choosing HTML5. This article will go over the top six reasons why animated HTML5 banners are preferable to animated gifs. In other words, you’ll be able to increase your conversion rate significantly at a much lower cost.

Better Quality

Gif files are restricted to a 256-color palette, while HTML 5 banners are not. This makes for more inventive and trendy designs, which successful digital marketers can take advantage of to their success. In an increasingly competitive online advertising world, designing eye-catching banners is a brilliant way to engage your audience and boost click-through rates. This has many spillover effects, as it increases sales prospects while also enhancing metrics that benefit in search engine ranking.

Designers have more creative freedom

Although both formats are accepted natively by all browsers, HTML5 banners are simply another web page in a frame. As a result, designers can use scripts like CSS and JavaScript. This gives the creators a lot more creative freedom, creating ads that are highly engaging and resonate with your target audience. Gifs, on the other hand, do not have this capability. They have a small reach and leave the designers with little space to move. This is one of the main reasons why HTML 5 ads transform so much better than their gif counterparts.

Small File Size

When using animated gifs, file size can be a problem. Gif files must normally be imported and hosted locally, while HTML5 can be embedded. It can be challenging to strike a good balance between a visually appealing colourful gif ad and a large file size. HTML5 ads load much faster for users on your site due to their much smaller file sizes, significantly enhancing their user experience. One of the most common reasons for users exiting a website is slow loading times, an issue that HTML5 banners help to solve. Improved user interface results in higher click-through and conversion rates, as well as better long-term search engine rankings.

Rich Media Integration

HTML5 banners have a number of advantages over animated gifs, including the ability to include rich media content such as HTML5 video clips and audio streams. HTML5 advertisements are a perfect way to keep up with this new trend, with a 46 percent annual rise in video advertising spending. According to statistics, video advertisements receive a 20% rise in click-through rate, resulting in increased profitability if the conversion rate remains unchanged. Similarly, audio streams are becoming more common as a fun and effective way to communicate with your audience. You can also communicate the same message over audio instead of making them read paragraph after paragraph of text. They will be able to access this content even more quickly and easily, ultimately enhancing their user experience.

Flexible to mobile devices

HTML5 banner ads are very well to mobile browsers because of their flexibility and versatility. Consumers are constantly surfing the web when out and about, with mobile devices accounting for over 65 percent of all internet searches. As a result, it’s critical that your display ads in Australia are optimised for various screen sizes and can improve mobile users’ browsing experiences. Gifs, on the other hand, aren’t as responsive and adaptable to be used easily on phones. Many consumers would have a negative experience with advertisements that take up nearly the entire screen. This form of bad user interface not only reduces click-through and conversion rates, but it also has a long-term negative impact on your on-page SEO.


Animated HTML5 Banner Design Service

You are now well aware of the numerous advantages that HTML5 banners have over animated HTML5 gifs. They’re much more adaptable and flexible, catering especially to smartphone users in an ever-changing digital environment. Similarly, they noticeably increase the users’ browsing experience. Because of the smaller file sizes, your ads can load much faster, and rich media content is an engaging and exciting way to engage with your audience.

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