Which Is More Important A Great Ad Banner Or Landing Page?

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Which Is More Important A Great Ad Banner Or Landing Page?

I often get attracted to high quality ad banners displayed on various Web Design Forums or SEO Forums etc and they are tempting enough to be clicked. It seems that’s the end of it as I come back immediately after visiting the landing page.

Most of the serious advertisers are into pay-per-click, banner advertising, pop-up ads and other internet advertising methods to generate more traffic on their websites and convert them as well.

No doubts they must be getting a huge amount of traffic through their publishers, however; does that really convert for the advertisers?

Most of the traffic is sent to landing pages, if not the actual websites and the visitors get to read quick notes about where they are and what they will get if they fill up the short form glittering at a side on that well designed web page. A landing page provides an entry point to your website for visitors who reach your website by clicking through from an external link. When someone searches for one of your keywords and then clicks through to your website they should enter on a page containing information specific to that keyword.

Advertisers may end up paying more for less if the landing pages are not suitably design or if it is missing important call to action elements.

The landing page should have a great header with a wide image, highly relevant to the product and its benefits. Visual descriptions are more suitable for human brains.
Bullet points must be there to describe the product and services quickly. Remember visitors are mostly in a hurry or want to act fast.
A strategic placement of Call to Action elements will guide the visitors to the Enquiry form. For. E.g. use of arrows, excellent buttons
A very well designed form with enough space for Name, Emails can attract more leads.
Use of fresh and bigger fonts to enhance the reading experience. It helps the visitors read more.

Try the methods mentioned in the article above and see the change in your lead generation campaigns yourself.