Make Your Landing Page Stand Out

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4. Use Images Wisely

Often visitors may not spare enough time to read all the text on your landing page, and instead look at the images you have used on it. This makes it important to use images wisely and make them work for you. Create a unique image that displays some vital information to catch your visitors’ attention. Placement of the image is also important because you do not want to bore the visitor with too much text so that they leave before checking the image.

5. Make a Good Copy

As Loveday and Niehaus note in Web Design for ROI, your landing page is like an ambassador, concierge, and superstar salesperson rolled into one. “It’s been carefully crafted to meet, assist, and convert visitors into customers.” At the end of the day, your landing page must be content rich and tell your visitor that what you are offering is genuine as are you. But the way to put it across is not through rambling texts. Visitors mostly skim through your content in an F-pattern. So keep the following in mind hen you are making a copy:

A. Do not use random abbreviations and sms language to create your page. It will make you lose credibility.

B. Use a long copy for sales and make it build a strong case for conversion

C. Include main points in the beginning of a sentence, the main sentences at the beginning of a paragraph and main paragraphs at the beginning of a section

D. Use bold keywords and bullet points to facilitate reading

E. Do not let paragraphs extend beyond 3 lines.

F. Simplify your page and make it consistent with the offer in the banner advertisement

G. Use secondary calls to action in case your visitors tend to ignore the primary call to action.

6. Easy to find Calls to Action

The advertisement, and therefore the landing page is of no use when the visitor does not find a way to be engaged in your product call. Therefore, it is very important to have a clearly visible call to action on your page. It could be a simple contact form or a linked button that says “Buy Now” or “Start Now” or any such thing. Do not put your call to action too early in the page because most visitors are not ready yet to contact you for more details. If you still want to make an early call, make sure that there are secondary calls to action later in the page and that they are equally visible.

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