Weave Credibility into Your Landing Page …continued

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The landing page of your website is the target destination after a potential customer expresses interest in your ad. The purpose of this landing page is to make sure that the prospect gets more information about what interested him at the ad, and therefore “convert” him to a buyer by taking a specific action. Now a potential customer will not become a confirmed customer unless there is something on your landing page that tells him that you are not out to dupe or scam him. It is therefore very important that your landing page is able to give him the reassurance that you are going to make an honest deal with him. How do you infuse the trust factor into your landing page then?

1. Where Can Your Customer Get in Touch With You?

For the most part all of us like to deal with a real entity. The way to assure your customer that you are real and that your business is real is to provide your address. An email address works fine, but a physical address builds credibility even better. That way your customer knows that where you are in case he needs to get in touch with you. If you are worried that giving out the real address of your business might get you the wrong kind of attention use a post box number. It is very easy to rent a mail box and you can retrieve mail from there without having to actually give out your office or residential address. In any case, the point is that the trust factor goes up a few notches the moment your customer sees that you are a real entity with a proper physical address.

2. Where Can Your Customer Call You?

As an extension to the above tip, a phone number will also make your customer see that you prefer transparency when doing business and are not afraid of being traced. More often than not business owners take a separate mobile or fixed line to answer customer queries, and you can also do this if you do not want to share your personal or office number with customers. Customers often prefer direct conversation if they think emails are not effective enough, and older customers most often prefer to talk directly rather than use the internet to make a deal. Some customers say they can judge a businessman’s honesty from his voice and how he answers questions. This direct communication can build more business than scores of emails, so definitely give a phone number on the landing page.

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