The advantages of banner advertising

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The banners have been particularly via the Internet in 1994. There are two major advantages of banner advertising. The first is that it attracts the user’s signal by clicking on banner ads on the user reaches the advertisers’ sites. This is a click “through” called. The number of click-trough with the number of prints will be distributed as “click through ratio” or “click rate”. It is easy to measure and shows a direct measure of the effectiveness of a banner. Second, Help visibility banner advertising. While other organizations can apply to measure not nearly impassable. With the help of user surveys and market studies that can be done, but that should not precise and abstract from Activity simple clicks and measure site traffic. An important fact to remember is that if you want to see your ads, you must coerce the user.

Banners can bring potential customers in a single click of your company or products. Given that the vast majority of companies to adapt strategies to build a passive web site and in the belief that customers will find automatically. A strategically placed banner ads is a very cost effective way to drive customers to your site, it revolves around a pro-active tool for business. Banner ads are traceable. You never know if that everywhere else outside of the Internet that someone will read your ad. Now, with a banner, you know, in fact, if people want to read it or not. You will see not only how many times a page is called, but you also learn about other customers’ response statistics such as clickthrough rate.

Banners can be creative, catchy, appealing and affordable. They give you many ways to make on your important message in record time so that you make to your potential customers with an opportunity on-site to make a decision. Thank you very much to cope with banner ads are an ideal tool to generate revenue from closed.