Get More Traffic to Your Online Business with Banner Advertising

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Get More Traffic to Your Online Business with Banner Advertising

Banner advertising has become a popular internet marketing tool in recent times. Did you know that these banner ads first came to the scenario in 1994? There are many reasons why you should want to use these ad banners. A lot of businesses have used these and are using these successfully. There are two main advantages of this kind of advertising.

The first of these advantages is that it comes across as very appealing to the user. It is bright and colorful design and it solely catches the eye of the viewer and instigates him to click on the ad banner. When the viewer clicks on the ad banner, he is immediately taken to the website of the advertiser.

This process by which the user arrives at another website through a single click is called a “click through”. When you divide the number of click through-s with the total number of impressions, you get the “click through ratio”. This is also known as the “click rate”. It is a very simple calculation to show how effective the banner ad is.

The second advantage of banner ad is that they help in the recognition of brands. Now a lot of advertising companies may claim otherwise but it is almost impossible to measure brand recognition. Market research and user surveys are too methods by which some amount of brand recognition can be measured.

Nevertheless, these are not accurate. On the other hands ad banners are direct. When it comes to Internet marketing, ad banners show how many users have clicked on the banner ad and what the exact click rate is. This helps to measure the popularity of a brand. The more a brand is known, the higher the click rate.

But there is one thing one should remember while making these banner ads. This is the fact that if you want your ads to be popular, you have to make them appealing to the public. Unless your spectators are attracted to the banner ad, they won’t click on them thereby reducing chances of high brand recognition. The user has to be compelled and drawn towards the banner ads- this is the core mantra of these advertisements.

A lot of people build their websites and then hope that their target customers see their site and buy their products. This is a wrong approach. If you want to sell your products or services, you will have to advertise your online business.

Web Ad Banners are a cost effective way of doing this. You can place a good ad in a strategic position so that your target customers are only one click away to your website. It is also possible to trace these ads, this means you can actually calculate how many users have clicked and how many have actually read your banner ad.

In short, banner ads are the new marketing tool of the future!