Advantages of Animated Banner Ads

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Advertising banner banners are static and then there are the animated banners. Today we are speaking of animated banners. All we have seen, and there are some who can, well, I’ll just say that with rage. But there are those who do not provide valuable information and really annoying. With a good animated banner, you can have some advantages over a static advertisement. Let’s look at some of the benefits that a Custom animated banners you can:

Serious attention

Cartoons Banner Web page reader can grasp the attention of a simple shift in a static. When a potential customer to read on a website and something starts moving in your peripheral vision, you see. This causes them to stop and read or watch or read and see before clicking on the site.

Get more than one message About

Custom animated banners than static banners have the ability to report at once. For example, maybe you want a message to customers in order now, but you also want to know their products for a special discount and a new one, tell them that everything in an animated banner using different frames.

Make an impression

Even if your potential customer to click on animated spot, they will remember and more precise than a static banner. Maybe next time they need a product like yours is yours, will you remember about your design animated banners.

Increase CTR

animated banners to curious readers. If you make a sale or not, you still have a higher CTR with an animated banner with a static banner. In this sense,an animated banner advertisement is already over so successful, because just by increasing your CTR, you are generating more branding for your company.