What Types of a Banner Advertisement are Used Today?

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What Types of a Banner Advertisement are Used Today?

Placing a web banner has been a common type of advertising tool under Internet advertising. The advertising agencies have a team of experts that design up quality ads and make promotions. The banner advertisement requires deep designing skills, in order to appear more enticing to the user. Without being effective in attracting the responses, there is no point of running online advertisement campaigns. These advertisements are categorized as traditional banners, interstitials/pop-ups, rich media ads and floating ads.

The traditional banners are the simplest of them all. It features a static JPEG or GIF image that is linked with advertiser’s page. Another of them is animated with GIF image. This type of banner advertisement gets a good click through rate because it can be viewed without special plug-ins. In addition, the traditional ones are much easy to design and modify to be inserted into a web page.

The interstitials or pop-ups are one of those ads that interrupt the users. You may have noticed a banner advertisement appearing in another window, when you make a click over a particular location. This form of ads gets the viewers without considering their willingness. No doubt that it attracts attention, when deigned in a perfect way. The important thing is that the design must not be annoying to the users.

Now, rich media ads are another attractive type of online ads. The banner advertisement that combines video and audio are one of the rich media ads. These types of ads are designed on the platforms like Java, Flash and Shockwave etc. The rich media ads can be efficiently used in for demos, presentations, surveys, games and order forms. These ads are attractive and among the most advanced sets of web ads.

The floating ads are also becoming popular due to their ability of being noticed. These types of ads are the ones, which flies or float across the screen, when a webpage is being viewed. These ads are highly noticeable and this is the reason behind their popularity. Nowadays, it is being considered as a powerful branding tool of Internet advertising. To sum it up, the banner advertisement is one of those tools that when used effectively, can draw a great deal of response from the target market. In this way, it becomes easy for the advertisers to penetrate their target markets and achieve good market share.

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