How successful is banner advertisement in a business?

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How successful is banner advertisement in a business?

Every business needs to be on line these days. There are many successful advertisements on line. Ad Banners are among them. They can really work wonders with a small space and with a small investment. Banner Ads are popular rectangles of ad space that pop up Web sites across the Internet.

There are various uses of banner advertisement if used properly:

1)    It brings more Website traffic.

2)    Helps in brand awareness among the customers.

3)    Helps to target your best prospects. You can selectively choose web sites.

4)    By using rotated images or messages, video and rollover effects, you can engage the user and increase response rates.

Make your banner advertisements successful:

1) Research the benefits of ad banners to decide if they are the right medium for your message. If you think that it is the correct medium then you must study what to sell with them and to whom.

2) Write an advertisement so that it should be short and crisp. You must always provoke a customer to action. He must not merely click on the advertisement but buy the product.

3) Design a banner using animation, sound and interactive effects. An advertisement should be attractive so that the message should be memorable. You do get a banner maker or banner creator software for designing such advertisements. A flash ad banner can also be great.

4) Target at the right place at the right people. So use banner advertisement on sites with specialized content.

5) You must purchase an ad space that varies from to 0 cost per thousand impressions (CPM for short).

6) Find out if your banner advertisement is working. For this you need software to monitor impression and click-through rates.

7) As a part of online advertising campaign, you can combine banners with newsletters, search engine advertising and search engine optimization. This is for maximum effect.

8) Your advertisement file size should be low so that it loads quickly and easily on prospects’ computers.

9) Do not forget to link to the correct page on your Site. If you link to the wrong page your entire labor and resources will go waste.