Different Types of Banner

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Different Types of Banner

Church Banners:

The primary purpose of banners in churches has always been processions, be it inside or outside of the church building. However, in recent time, the importance of banners has moved towards the permanent or transient display on the walls and pillars of churches and other places of worship.

Advertising Banners:

Banners are very widely used for advertisements across the world. Banners for advertisements are often made on a plastic background. Many towns and cities in Europe have made number of banners to decorate their city centre. These banners advertise their city’s special features and tourist attractions.

Web Banners:

A web banner or banner ad is a mode of advertisement on the World Wide Web. This unique form of online advertisement entails embedding an ad into a web page. The motive of such banner ads is to attract more customers to the advertiser’s website.

Protest Banners:

Banners are always used to convey something. If used to praise something they become adverstising banners and if used against something become Protest banners. Such banners are used or carried by people who are demonstrating about something or during a protest march usually at the head of the procession. Protest banners can be found fixed to streets walls, trees.

Trade Union Banners:

Trade unions banners are made in Britain since 1840s. At May Day parades, you can see them in hundreds. The images on these banners included mines, mills, factories and at times some imaginative creation of the artist picturing the world with his eyes. Similar kinds of banners are also created in many other countries. Such banners are usually painted with red being the favored color.

Heraldic Banners:

A heraldic banner is also known as banner of arms. Generally the designs are sketched on the shield, helmet or coronet, mantling, supporters, motto or any other entity that is related to with the coat of arms. Heraldic banners come in two general shapes, square and rectangle. Also, there is a difference between a heraldic banner and a heraldic standard.