Internet Banner Advertising

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Internet Banner Advertising

Today in the world of Internet advertising there are many options available to make your business successful and get your products noticed. But very famous tool used by mostly Internet advertisers is PPC Advertising. In PPC advertising they show your products on sites relevant to your niche by using a contextual system. But PPC advertising is effective to some extent because most net users always attract by a good looking banner than a simple looking text advertising.

In PPC famous advertising network is Google Ad words and if you want to advertise your site’s products by Google then you have to pay big amount of money and ROI(Return Of Investment) is always doubtful. So PPC advertising is not good to advertise your products due to high investment and low ROI.

On the other hand banner advertising is going famous day by day due to cheap prices, simple to use and provide maximum ROI. What you have to do just throw some good looking flashy and animated banners and wait for people to crawl your site. There are many types of banners available with different sizes and shapes those are designed for different purpose to make them perform well. Because different areas on web page need different sizes & shapes of banners. Just like if you want to place your banners at header & footers to make them perform very well then you need large & good looking banners. And if you want banner ads for content then they should be small and should match to your content formatting and style.

The following steps will help you transform your cheap internet banner advertising into a priceless marketing weapon. With these simple instructions, there will always be traffic on your web site:

1.With a banner ad you have limited space so every word must count. You need to capture the reader’s attention in your first statement. If you don’t, you will not get the click.

2.The placement of your ad is critical for your success. You need to find the right network and make sure you list your ad on sites that focus on your niche. It is a waste of money for you to do otherwise.

3.The objective is to convert words into clicks with your banner ad. Now that you have to find a good advertising market for your ad you must focus on the content.

4.The key to any good advertising plan is testing. Most Internet banner advertising companies will allow you to run more than one banner ad. They rotate your ads through their network of sites and you are provided the clicks per impression information for each ad. This enables you to test different ads with different copy to see which one gets the most clicks.

But choosing the right banner advertising network is always a challenge because right advertising network is critical for your success. A good banner advertising network will work with different technologies in order to create visually appealing material to grab the attention of net users. There are many advertising networks those don’t know the meaning of relevancy and don’t know how important relevancy is to generate leads. They just throw banner ads on all sites which they have in their network. I have seen many cases when some advertisers publish “handbags banners ads on shoes manufacturers sites”, “travel packages banners ads on industrial items sites” and many more……….. This is really bad way because to advertise.

But XAPADS is such kind of advertising network who knows the proper meaning of Relevancy to make your advertisement successful. XAPADS has biggest contextual advertising network that serves over 900 million impressions each month by partnering with over 100,000 specialized websites.

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