Print Advertising Vs. Internet Advertising

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Print Advertising Vs. Internet Advertising

For years, well over 100 years, people have turned to print advertising to get their message across. Whether your business puts fliers on cars in parking lots , or you take out 4 pages in the front of your heading in the phone book, it is all print advertising. There are some advantages to say a phone book. The end user may hold on to that book for years, even after new ones have arrived. So your ad could be seen for years. Over the last decade or so, a new medium has become more and more popular. That medium is the internet, or Internet Marketing. Just think, being able to target down to a zip code for searches for say dry cleaning. Local searches are more relevant then ever. The major search engines can pinpoint where you are searching from with great preciseness. So if you want to cover your town or the country or even the whole world, the internet can get your message out for people looking for what your selling. All of this for a fraction of what print would cost to cover the same area.

You can get internet advertising a few different ways. SEO or SEM of the 2 most popular ways. SEM (Search Engine Marketing)  is also called Pay Per Click. It is an auction for key words, the more companies bidding for the key words, the higher the price goes. This brings Google almost 20 billion a year in revenue. However, most people go to the main body of the Search engine when looking for results. This is where SEO ( Search Engine Optimization) come in. Being on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing are the only real places to be on the internet. It is not easy, and does not happen overnight, but it is well worth the time and effort.

Steve Bookspan

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