Web Banner advertising Guide 101

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Web Banner advertising Guide 101

Web Banner advertising is the marketing practice of placing a graphic ad in a highly visible spot on a web site. By creating a graphic image with your company’s promotional message or logo and submitting it to a website with a high traffic, some people will click the banner ads and visit your site.

This is in theory how web banner advertising is supposed to work; however there are other options that  people aren’t aware of as they have never had web banner advertising explained properly. If you want to market successfully with web banner ads you don’t want to put your banner ad on just any website. You will need to place it where you will receive the most financial return for your investment. Below there are some tips to educate you and help you understand the Ins and Outs of banner advertising.

Ad Placement– It is usually accepted that the best way to overcome banner blindness is to place a large ad in the center or near the top center of the web page. In this way you will have the best chance of gaining the users attention.

Web site selection– If you have a budget of 0 a month you will find that the best way to market is not to spend all 0 on one website. Often you should search out smaller sites that offer you a more targeted audience and a far cheaper banner ad rates or monthly banner ad prices. This will allow you excellent placement on 4-5 more targeted websites instead of just one. Smaller websites often doesn’t have any advertising setup but if you make them an offer with your banner ad  many cases they will accept.

Use Banner Ad Networks– If you want to save time and keep costs low you may turn to one of the many banner ad networks. When you employ the services of a network they will find the websites to submit the banner ads to and take care of tracking the statistics details. One of the drawbacks to working with banner ad networks is that you don’t control where your ad is displayed. If you are trying to target a niche market this can be a bad thing.

When you get started with a banner ad campaign you may have the highest of hopes. Everyone that enters into a campaign will have high expectations of some kind. Yet if you do not plan correctly you will spend more than you earn. I  have been there and it can be frustrating, this was before I had banner advertising explained to me properly. A cautious way to start with your banner advertising campaign is to pay close attention to the banner ad rates. If you keep your costs low and place your ad in a well targeted niche site you will have much better chance of earning visitors and sales.

If you are selling celebrity jewelry then place your ad on a site where people are following celebrities, not a site where people are downloading free software. It surprises me how often internet marketers forget these simple facts of marketing, yet this is a very common mistake. If your product is something that the sites visitors are interested in you will have fewer problems with banner blindness, more traffic and a higher chance that the viewer will click through to your site.