Super Easy Beginners guide to Buying Online Advertising

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Super Easy Beginners guide to Buying Online Advertising

I’m not going to explain how to Advertise on Google Adwords, there are fifty thousand sites that will explain how to do that, and even for somewhat experienced marketers it is confusing and can take years to learn to optimize correct. I pay someone to do mine, and I’ve been in the Online Advertising world for 12 years. This 6 step guide is even easier, and with it you should have graphical display banners up and marketing your business within 24 hours.

Step 1 – Figure out what you want to Advertise. Your company or a specific product. Example product. iphone app. Already have a site or product? Move to step 2.

Step 2 – Determine your monthly budget. To keep it simple, let’s say, 0. No excuses for not advertising online, everyone can afford 100 bucks.

Step 3 – Design your banner. Start out with one 125×125 banner to get rolling, you can add more sizes later. Don’t know how to make a banner? Pay someone to do it for around – . Here are 5 sites that do it.

Step 4 – Find a website or blog that is in your chosen niche. Example. iphone app review site. Or search in our VIP directory here for one. Or do a google search in the category of your product.

Step 5 – Check the site for an ‘Advertise Here’ banner or ‘Advertise with us’ information and prices. Advertise with Us links are usually at the very top or the very bottom of a site. If the site has an AdvertiseSpace banner, click on it to see information. If not, email the site owner and inquire on the rates. (Some site owners are un-responsive, so you may want to email several)

Step 6 – If they have an automated system, Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and enter your paypal or credit card info and pay.

Step 7 – Upload your banner* and the URL you want the banner to click to and your done. That’s it!

Step 8 – Sit back and enjoy a constant flow of daily traffic to your site. Congratulations you are now part of a very elite group of savvy marketers who understand the value of brand advertising.