Importance of color combination in Banner Advertising

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Importance of color combination in Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is effective, if the designer exploits the opportunity to the hilt. The pictures, flash images and audio visuals play a crucial role in the success of the banner ads. These attributes compel the user to take an action. The success of the advertising endeavor depends upon the design of the banner. A targeted ad with catchy content and colorful display is as effective as textual ads.

The colors in the banner ad modify its appearance. A good color adds an edge to the banner advertising, while a bad color combination ruins the display. A banner with excellent content but tacky color distracts the viewer. Thus, the viewer switches to other banners and doesn’t pay attention to your endorsements. Remember, that you need to create an edge over other banner ads on the respective web page.

You should try to grab attention with help of colors. You can determine the color in accordance with the culture of the targeted audience. For example, Chinese culture takes white as the color of death, while western culture relates white with purity. You can also select color according to the profession of your audience. For instance, you should avoid red color for banner advertising of finance or hospitality sector. The color denotes financial loss and danger or emergency.

Use legible colors for the banner ads. Avoid bold colors that create irritation. Bright colors like purple, brown, dark green is a big turn off. You can use yellow color to highlight the content of dark banner ads. Use colors that have good contrast. Black and white has the maximum contrast. However, white colored banner ads bring fewer clicks due to sober look.

And most importantly, analyze the colors on the web page where the banner advertisement should be placed. Color coordinates with it so that your advertisement doesn’t look weird. A good designer makes sure that the colors are attention attracting but don’t shout “CLICK ON ME”.

So, make sure that you utilize the colors at your advantage and design spellbinding banner ads.

Amya Adora is an online marketing expert with years of experience in online branding activities around the globe, with the US and UK markets in particular. She has also been an active participant in worldwide events related to various aspects of e-promotions(best internet agency, website advertising company) and works as a consultant for Rupiz Media.

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