Image Or Banner Ads – 5 Secrets Revealed!

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What are Banner or Image Ads?

Simply put, banner ads or image are advertisements that appear as images or banners across the websites. These are the visually distracting images you see on websites including on the newspaper sites. They can be just static images or with animations.

Unlike usual Google AdSense that actually target on AdWords, these image ads get displayed with louder message. The banner ads are space occupying compare to the small Adsense ads. Nevertheless, the banner or image ads still target specific keywords. In addition to that, you can target particular websites you would like your ads to be displayed.

5 Secrets about Image or Banner Ads

The biggest advantage of the image or banner ads is the cost. In comparison to AdSense which may cost up to $1 per click, the image ads can be as cheap as 1cent per click. Yes, you read this rightly, it’s only a fraction of traditional AdSense costs.

Hence, you can target as more keywords than before with similar budget. What that will translate in business’ point of view is greater exposure, greater opportunities to get potential customers.

You might be wondering if this is all true, why is this marketing campaign strategy not as popular as AdSense? One simple answer is not all internet marketers are using this. That again can work to your advantage as there will be less competition.

None the less, there is a catch with this marketing technique. This is not suitable for all types of niche markets. There are some niches that respond exceptionally well but others might just be a total waste of money.

The last secret to reveal is the best reason when you should use the image or banner ads. As it reaches greater readership, it is one of the best way to build list fast. Offer something free on the banner or image ads and you just have to wait for the list to be generated.

Still trying to find a way to reach more customers? Maybe it’s time to consider this cheap advertisement campaign, after all, the pay per click costs is very suitable for those on tight budget.