Static Image Ads

Regular and pretty simple form of display banner ads!

Tell a thousand words with our static image ads!

Static image ads are a fantastic medium by which to announce to the world that your business has opened its doors. They are pretty affordable for even the smallest business owners, they easily convey your key message and they are accepted all across the internet and even in mobile phones and older internet browsers.

Static banner ads are a pretty simple concept. They use a combination of image/s and catchy text in order to tell people who you are, what you offer and how you can help where no one else has succeeded. Their main advantage lies in being bright, vibrant, fast to load, and accessible across multiple mediums, even old ones, so that you can reach a larger audience.

You may think these banner ads are boring or not as good as ones like animated ads, but they do have some advantages, particularly for marketers just starting out:

Static image ads don’t have to be boring; they are vibrant, they showcase who and what you are in an easy glance, and they are fairly affordable, even if you’re just getting started. Static banner ads are found all over the internet and they are a good way to start telling the world who you are what you have to offer.

Our well-designed and entrancing static banner ads are a fantastic way to let everyone know you have arrived. They are fast, they are obvious, and they get the message across in a split second.

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