We design HTML5 banner ads for your Google Ads Campaigns

HTML5 banners are banner ads that use HTML5 elements, which means they’re more engaging and have more sophisticated visual elements than traditional graphic banners. HTML5 ads are a popular choice among advertisers due to the format’s greater creative potential and proven higher CTR. This powerful banner format comes with a number of other advantages in addition to more space for visual freedom.

We design fully animated HTML5 banner ads that are compliant with Google’s (former AdWords) guidelines and other publishers for your display ad campaigns, using Google Web Designer (GWD), in most cases. ‘Google Web Designer’ is an excellent tool from Google, to create HTML5 banner ads for the Google Ads display advertising network.

We offer HTML5 banner ad designs in almost all the possible sizes; this can be responsive in nature or expandable and fit into any device. HTML 5 banners are the most effective way of attracting potential customers with rich visuals, interesting animations, moving graphics, audio-video handling and many more smart features. One of the most significant advantages of HTML5 banners is that they can be used on a variety of platforms and devices because responsive elements can be incorporated into the banners, allowing them to adapt to the device or format in a very simple manner.

HTML5 banners are available in both static and animated versions, but animated HTML5 banners are becoming extremely popular. If you’re designing banners for a florist, for example, and can use pictures of floral decorations on the banner, a simple banner with an image and text that animates into the banner during the first three seconds can perfectly convey a message. It’s a tried-and-true method of creating HTML5 banners, but there are plenty of opportunities to take HTML5 banners to the next level by turning them into animated and interactive banners.

There are numerous advantages to using HTML5 banners in marketing, whether they are static or animated. The most important aspect is that, as previously stated, the animation displayed will be the same regardless of what device or browser you are viewing the ad on because the HTML5 format allows for a lot of customization. Despite this, the banner’s size and format have an impact on how the message is communicated.

When viewed on a laptop, a banner with too much text may appear cool, but when viewed on a phone, it may appear cluttered or unreadable. As a result, you should consider this when creating your HTML5 banner. When you choose an animated HTML5 banner, you open up a world of possibilities because you are no longer confined to packing all of your information into a single image or forcing all of your content to be displayed at the same time.

HTML5 banners are also more likely to be remembered, because, let’s face it, we like shiny, flashy things with a professional appearance. Because you can use elements like the aforementioned when creating and designing your HTML5 banner, you can have a much greater influence on whether the user remembers the ad. Not to say that all HTML5 banners are exaggerated – users are simply more likely to remember ads with a little zing to them than plain, static images.

Because HTML5 banners are available in so many different sizes and designs, they can reach a wider audience. Some users prefer text, while others prefer videos. HTML5 banners include all of this, giving you the ability to reach a much larger audience while also personalising your banners to specific target groups.

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