Why Online Banner Advertising is Gaining Popularity?

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Why Online Banner Advertising is Gaining Popularity?

It is a well known fact that more extensive and relevant the advertising is, the more will be the response towards a brand. One such method is of online banner advertising, which fulfils the need of advertisers to target their intended market. This advertising is efficient to find more relevant target audience. Unlike television, this medium is cost effective and extensive in reaching audience. Moreover, banner network gives a large exposure to banner ads.

This network consists of publishers and advertisers, which are coordinated by online ad agencies. The agencies provide designing, development and other high end solutions to advertisers. The banner ads, rich media ads, flash video ads etc. are displayed through publisher websites. The placing of ads is done in order to get more relevant target audience. The agencies use online banner advertising to give high ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) to the clients. No doubt that it is the upcoming platform for advertisers who want to position their brands higher.

Adopting such an extensive platform has become necessary due to the growing competition. This is because of the presence of similar products and services. Organizations need to make their brands recognized for creating a large customer base. The organizations that have an international presence must use the global Internet user base of 1.15 million (eMarketer). While the organizations trading in countries like India, must concentrate on online banner advertising to Indian users. Targeting relevant users help in getting positive response from prospective customers.

Also, the online banner advertising becomes cost effective in this way. The techniques like Geo-Targeting and Capping are helpful in reaching relevant audience. It ensures the ads are clicked by relevant audience. It spreads the effect of this advertising over the audience with every click. This also keeps the ad spends low, as the ads are clicked by the target audience only.

Moreover, the publisher websites are driven towards growth by quality administrator content or user generated content (UGC). This brightens the prospects of advertisers to be displayed on good SERP listings. The online banner advertising will continue to enable the advertisers to stride high through utilization of information superhighway.