How to Profits From Free Ads

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How to Profits From Free Ads

Guess What?
You can actually profit from free advertising.

But the word ‘profit’ here is in a gain of some kind which may not necessarily be money itself but that which can ultimately be used towards the getting of money.

To profit in this way free advertising has to be viewed from a perspective other than that of only getting sales and sign ups. For when viewed from this different angle, many free advertising resources lend themselves rather well to freely finding out some very important aspects of your advertising; aspects that you can leverage to really achieve your ultimate goal of sales and sign-ups.

Some of the aspects revealed could be feedback (indirect) of the opportunity you are promoting, response-data of the ad-headlines and ad-copy you use, general info about where and to whom you target your ads to, etc.

One of the best ways to arrive at this data that will lead to more effective advertising is by using some form of tracking. Since this article is about profiting from free advertising, the tracking too will have to be done using free tracking resources.

Now imagine posting a free ad somewhere with a tracking link in it and the results show just one single click. How much info so you think that one single tracked click reveal?

Well this may seem like making a mountain out of a very tiny molehill but that one click could quite possibly be testifying to many facts such as…

1. That particular free ad resource HAS live viewers,
2. That those viewers are interested in the niche your ad relates to,
3. That they want more info and will make efforts to get it,
4. That your ad-headline was attractive enough to stop them,
5. That your ad-copy was motivating enough to induce action,

Now isn’t this data revealing enough to consider re-posting your ad in that area or maybe upgrading it to paid so that it is exposed to more viewers and then the law of averages works to get you those sales and or sign-ups?

If just one tracking element in the affiliate link could lead you to real profit probabilities what would free ad resources which offer free tracking on multiple levels reveal?

If one looks around there are free ad resources that incorporate various levels of tracking though they don’t publicise this openly. You need to find out what and how you can use the data to your advantage. For example, some free advertising resources display only your ad-headlines; If the headline can snag a prospect to click  and find out more about your opportunity you get to know about it.

This can be a nifty free way of testing headlines.

Others indicate how often your ad-copy was viewed. In this case, if you have implemented link tracking, the number of times your link was clicked upon compared to the number of times the ad was viewed will reveal how compelling your ad-copy is.

Many traffic exchanges offer text ads and banner ads. They usually also offer ad results such as number of views/impressions received and number of clickthrus achieved. Since we are dealing with text advertising the text ads here become one more way to test your ad headlines.

Generally you get to post about 5 fre text ads so with a little effort one could come up with 5 different headlines for the same opportunity and by alloting an equal number of impression to all one could find out the headline that has the best promise. For Free!

To summarize, there is a kind of profit to be gained from posting free ads if the resource you are using for your free ads also offers free stats. Of course, having your own tracking link in the url will add to your data and there are many free tracking services to use and benefit from.

So the next time you post a free ad don’t waste it just because it is free, do it wisely and it could lead to some very profitable conclusions.