Online Marketing Using Banner Advertising

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In recent years, online marketing using banner advertising has become a very popular internet marketing strategy. With this form of online marketing you pay the search engines such as Google, or the web directories to place a banner at the top of their search pages. Your ad will only be displayed when a person searches for a particular keyword that is related to your website. When a person clicks on your advertising banner they will be taken to your URL. The banner advert is often made up of static graphic images, but it is important to note that animated rich media banners do a much better job at grabbing a reader’s attention and persuading them to click on it.

So what are the main advantages of online marketing using banner advertising?

One of the main advantages if the fact that the banner will always be displayed when a particular search term is entered.

Another benefit is the fact that it is usually displayed at the top of the page therefore it can be clearly seen by the internet user.

This form of advertising can be extremely cost effective. Some websites/search engines enable you to sign up to a cost per click system, therefore you only pay for the clicks that you receive on the banner, as opposed to a set monthly fee.

Online marketing using banner advertising is a great way to target traffic and drive them to your website.

It is a good way to achieve brand recognition. It is a great way to get your business noticed online, regardless as to whether the person buys your product or service.

With this form of advertising you don’t have to do anything extra. Once the advert is up, you just wait to see the results.

It is also easy to track the results and see its effectiveness. You will be able to see the page views, click through rates, number of clicks and the cost per sale.

There is a SEO advantage of online marketing using banner advertising. This is the fact that you are able to target people who were not necessarily looking for your particular product or service. They could have been searching for a similar product, but the fact that your banner was displayed encouraged them to click on it and find out more.

Banner advertising comes in many different forms, for example videos or ads with roll over effects. This enables you to engage the user, which can in turn increase response rates.