Online Banner Advertising: Pay Less, Promote More

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Online Banner Advertising: Pay Less, Promote More

The Internet advertising is becoming popular among the advertisers who plan to do extensive promotions. The reach of this advertising is wide but it is also capable of making it intensive according to the client needs. The online banner advertising is an inseparable part of Internet advertising.

This method is helpful in creating brand awareness and generating business leads. Moreover, it becomes the best medium, when it comes to the costs incurred. The costs incurred in this advertising are less, as it works on effective payment models. These models are based on click through rates, page impressions, lead acquisitions etc. The models ensure that advertisers get maximum responses at minimum of the costs.

In addition to it, flexible payment and advertising options gives an edge to the advertisers. The costs that need to be paid by the marketers are based on activities, which add to their business. The online banner advertising works through a banner network. The banner network comprises of publishers and agencies that enables advertisers to promote their products online.

There are around 1.15 billion regular Internet users worldwide, according to eMarketer. These users search information related to products and services. Presence of similar products and services, has lead them to compare and obtain information related to them. They reach various websites that have relevant content and keywords. Now, what banner network does is the utilization of this user inclination. The banner ads are placed across websites that are likely to get relevant traffic.

The relevant traffic is the target audience of advertisers. The responses from such users are converted to business leads and then customers. When it comes to banner network, India has marketers and agencies that utilize this medium for business development. Online banner advertising is also being used considerably well over the world.

A Nielsen data reveals that in March 2006 there were 185 billion display ad impressions, which were bought by marketers. Exactly a year back, in March 2005 it was 97 billion impressions. This indicates the usage of this medium that is effective and efficient in attracting prospective customers. The online banner advertising will continue to spread the brand awareness and the marketers will use it for reaping profits.