Generating Leads With Online Banner Advertising

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Generating Leads With Online Banner Advertising

The organizations that have a lead based sales process, have an inevitable connection with advertising and promotions. The process of lead generation has become even more interesting and simple by using Internet as an advertising medium. The advertisers choose online banner advertising over other advertising tools to generate responsive leads.

No doubt, that banner ads are among the most attractive forms of Internet advertising. It is due to the interactive designing that online banner advertising achieves more responses from the users. Not just the page impressions but also the click through events can be witnessed due to the attractiveness of these ads. The online advertisement agency is the solution provider for ensuring better leads to the advertisers.

A Nielsen data reveals that there were around 185 billion display ad impressions noticed in March 2006, which were bought by marketers. This figure was almost half of it a year back, as in March 2005 there were just 97 billion ad impressions. This clearly signifies the growing popularity of display ads. This is where the advertisers have to make a choice about choosing online banner advertising for obtaining leads.

The agencies designs and develops banner ads and lead creation form, for the advertisement campaigns. The online banner advertising is done through banner network or also central ad server technology. It can be very efficiently done on the basis of parameters like Geo-targeting, Capping, IP address, browser/network/connection type etc. The strategic placement and publishing of ads is done in such a way, that relevant users come across the ads, for events of page impression and click through.

The interactive, high definition ads like rich media, interstitial, pop under and pop up etc. engages the user to make a click through. This event takes the user to another web page that is none other than the lead creation form. The users fill the information asked in the form and this generates a lead. These leads can be B2C or B2B, as per the need of the advertisers.

The generated leads are often charged on CPL (Cost Per Lead) model to the advertisers. Generally the leads go under the process of filtration to ensure convertible leads. In this way, online banner advertising enables the advertisers to take the sales process further. The leads are converted for generating business and revenue. The return on ad spends also increases and hence it forms the most feasible way of attracting business.