Affiliate Marketing: Promoting Your Site With Banner Exchange Programs

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Affiliate Marketing: Promoting Your Site With Banner Exchange Programs

Now that you have discovered the earning potential with affiliate marketing you are eager to get started earning thousands of dollars every month and gain financial independence.

At this point I am assuming you have already begun to establish your own blog website. You have spent many hours painstakingly writing useful and relevant content for your readers to enjoy and share with others.

Slowly you are beginning to see your readership increase and the search engines are beginning to send new visitors to your site each and every day. You are building trust and loyalty between you and your readers. It is a great thing!

Have you started to think about promoting affiliate products relating to your website content? Have you embedded hyperlinks and banner ads around your site to highlight the relevant content you have written?

If your answer is no AND you do not want to monetize (make cash) your website then there is no need to read further.

Good, you are still reading… In m opinion, making money on the internet is a numbers game. You can have great content, well placed advertisements and banner campaigns, a great mix of affiliate products and loyal readers, but you need thousands of readers a day to convert your well oiled website into a significant revenue stream.

If you have not already noticed there is not one method to increase your website traffic. You need to utilize many methods and over time your traffic will increase exponentially. I will concentrate on free and low cost solutions to increase your traffic.

Banner exchange programs are one method I think is very important to utilize on your website. There are hundreds of banner exchange programs around but here are a few that I think are very effective and free.

The Banner Exchange
Exchange Ad
Ad Ready

I like to utilize banner exchange programs in two ways.

First and the most common use of a banner exchange program is to place the banner exchange code on your site in an inconspicuous place such as the bottom of your side bar or below the footer. You will start to see your unique visitors increase almost immediately.

Another way to utilize banner exchange programs is to place the banner ad code on your website BUT have the landing page of your banner go directly to an affiliate hop link website such as a Clickbank affiliate. I think its a great way to advertise and does not cost you a cent.

You can also opt-in for as little as to increase your banner impressions. I recommend trying the free route first. You can place as many banners you like from different banner programs below the footer and start racking up the free advertisements on other websites.

Its important to realize there is no one solution or trick to increase your traffic. You must utilize a combination of many traffic builders to get the high volume needed to start making big profits promoting your website and affiliates.