Web Banner Ads – make it Effective & Optimized

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Every organization that utilizes web sites for advertising and marketing, knows that optimization of these web banner ads is critical.  There are several tips for creating effective banner ads that helps the vendor know how to create great web ad banners to target visitors to their website and entice them to move further to the landing page to get additional information about the product or service being offered.

Some of the ads are more effective than others, and the trick is to learn what captures the attention of perspective customers with these web banners.  Consider some of these tips and see how using them can improve the effectiveness of getting additional traffic and business:

Putting the banner ads on the most popular web sites is not necessarily the most beneficial choice.  When they blend into the other dozens of ad banners on the sites it’s less likely that consumers will notice one ad over another.  One good piece of advice is to put the banner ad on a somewhat smaller website where it has a better potential of catching the attention of the customers.

Be sure the web banner is placed “above the fold” on the website.  It is much more noticeable because many customers do not scroll down below the “fold”, or first page.  One study indicated that consumers click nearly 18% more on ads “above the fold” and take action approximately 9.5% more than ads “below the fold”.  Pay attention to the placement of the banner ads.

Banner exchanges are often one of the best ways for the ad to get more visibility because they reach other websites.  Be sure to select sites that are effective for the particular product and compatible with the business.

Tracking is a great tool that measures the ad campaign’s effectiveness.  The metrics generated in tracking identifies the number of occurrences where the ad is displayed, and the number of times consumers have clicked on the ads.  It can help identify statistics for daily visits, unique visits, location of visitors, keywords used (which helps in SEOs), and the number of unique visitors. These statistics help determine which website is the most effective for placement of the banner ads.

Consider Rich Media Banners (flash banner) because they provide more information to the visitors, but they are much larger files and are slower (not always) to load for many visitors.  They can be very effective, but use them sparingly.

Understanding the different purchasing system’s costing structure.  Some sites charge on a “cost per click” basis while other charge by the “cost per action”.  This means that the company is charged when someone clicks on the ad banner, or only when the visitor registers their information and performs the function.

Since there are many more tips for creating effective web banner ads that are helpful for driving more business to the web site, gathering statistics for the most effective practices are quite helpful.  Knowing when the banner ads are clicked based on where they are place and how they are distinguished from other sites is quite beneficial to improving the effectiveness of the banner ads.