Tips for Reducing Google AdWords Costs

In reviewing some stats for blogs and websites you will discover that a lot of people have made searches about increasing their Google AdWords price rates. However in actual the rates for Google AdWords don’t increase, they actually drop. You can follow the following five simple techniques that will make sure that you are able to keep your costs of Google AdWords to a reasonable limit.

1. Getting Rid of Squeeze Pages
Squeeze pages are on the top list of what Google hates. Squeeze pages are actually landing pages where your visitors and traffic arrive after clicking a banner or advertisement. These pages are designed for the lone purpose of getting a user to sign up for a particular service and that is it. However these squeeze pages are looked down upon by Google and therefore it is recommended to have a high quality page with full navigation as the landing page for your website.

There are many people who are scared of making this change since the opt-in rates for squeeze pages is very high but once you make the transformation of the squeeze pages to a fully functional and working webpage, you are sure to get better opt-in rates and you will also have the benefit of enjoying better conversion rates.

2. Improving the Display Network
A large portion of the conversion rates are the determined by the effectiveness of the traffic achieved from the display network. This might come as a shock to most people but a lot of marketing gurus and experts advise on switching to search networks only and not using the Display Network but this is really absurd. When you increase the time spent on optimizing and managing the display network you will able to improve the performance of a lot of elements of your website.

3. Tight Themed Ads
Tight themed ads are perfect when used with display network advertising and the newly introduced content placement tool for Google also works best with this kind of strategy. When you enter the main keywords for your website, you will be given a list of tightly-themed ads which you can move to your Google AdWords account and make them live.

4. Eliminate low- CTR Keywords
You should look for isolating or totally eliminating all the low-CTR keywords that are being used in your different advertising campaigns. If they are not able to get the desired number of conversions for your site it is recommended to pause them. It is not a good idea to have them deleted altogether since you might want to come back and look at some statistics. If they start generating conversions again, you can carry them back to the top of your advertising campaign.

5. Eliminate Low Quality Keywords
You should repeat the same process as mentioned in the above text for the keywords that are generating low scores for you. You definitely want to get rid of any keywords that are giving you low conversion rates. It is best to group together all these low score keywords since they can sink an entire marketing campaign if not dealt with effectively.