Website Advertising With Banners

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Website Advertising With Banners

Online banners or just ‘banner ads’ as most people call them are among the most popular and original types of web marketing. The adverts which come in differing shapes and size and are found across World Wide Web on many websites often in the guise of a still or animated image showing a certain company or website, similar to a television advertisement on a much lower and grand scale. These types of adverts are shown through web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Firefox.

The banner advertisement links through to the advertisers web site and more information can then be found on that particular product and/or service.

Banner ads have been displayed on the World Wide Web since close to its conception and precede more governing web marketing such as Google Adwords and other ‘Pay Per Click’ programs.

The success of such marketing, excluding the general rise of users on the Internet is helped by eye-catching or appealing graphics, subtitles and slogans. Some banners tempt you to interact with the banner ad to get you to click to the sponsor page.

There are many many examples of banner ads on an almost continuous basis as you use the Internet and can be found on popular websites such as Ebay, Facebook or Hotmail.

Banner Ads are found in various shapes and sizes. Rectangle, square, vertical and horizontal fill the world wide web in sizes ranging from 50 pixels to 2000 pixels and many variations in between. Originally the web banner graphic were still images with images, graphic design or a catchphrase and some form of text. More recently animated banner ads have renewed these, especially from marketers with bigger budgets and include as many as five different ‘screens’ of graphics, animation or text. Smaller companies or individual website owners still do use banners however, though they are a lot less commonplace, especially on web sites with high traffic as they have more visitors.

Lately differing variations of banner ads have produced in line with improved technologies and Internet coding. This has resulted ‘popping-up’ banners that stretch over the web page that they are displayed on or enlarging as the mouse cursor moves over it. While many do not like the new techniques they are supposed to have an excellent success rate for the advertisers and will likely remain a favorite for advertisers on the Internet.

Since the early 2000?s new forms of Online advertising have become popular, however large companies still include banner ads as part of their marketing campaign in addition to the newer pay per click methods.

The cost of banner advertising depend on the website they are displayed on. Generally the higher the host’s site’s traffic is the more the price will be to advertise your web ad banner.

Banner images are in the form of jpg, png or gif files and animation is made by using a Javascript and technology such as Java or Microsoft Silverlight.