Make your Online Banners effective

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Make your Online Banners effective

A Web Banner refers to the form of advertising on Internet. It is intended to attract traffic to a website by linking to the site of the advertiser. It often employs animation, sound or video to maximize presence. These images are usually placed on web pages that have interesting content, such as a newspaper article or an opinion piece.

They function the same as traditional promotional activities are intended to function. They communicate the reasons why the consumer should choose the product in question. Unique feature of a product or service is highlighted. For instance, in an on line promotional campaign of Samsung Refrigerators; the “Bio-Fresh” attribute is brought to focus. It will be highlighted here that the refrigerator will keep the food fresh and natural for longer hours due to its “Bio-Fresh” cooling technique. Customer’s problems are addressed and solved in such promotional activities. Many visitors consider these as annoying because they distract from a web page’s actual content or waste bandwidth. It is true that its purpose is to attract attention and seek potential customers. In some cases attempts are made to entice a visitor to the advert and this annoys him. However, without enticing a surfer it would provide no revenue. There can be another solution to the problem. The most effective method to draw a viewer’s attention is the utilization of motion or animation. An advertisement with flash can be created. This will not distract a reader from the content that he is reading on the web page. With the display of a flash his attention too can be grabbed. A flash banner creator can work wonders. With the tool the design can be customized as per industry’s needs. Various fonts, templates, layout and shapes can be individualized. Images can be also be added. Elements can be rotated for more impact.

It is essential to measure the success of an on line advertisement:

1) Clicks: The number of visitors who click on the banner advertisement that links an advertiser’s site.

2) Page Views: This means the number of times a particular on line page has been requested from the server.

3) Click-through rate: This describes the ratio of page views to clicks.

4) Cost per sale: This is the measure of how much money is spent on making one sale.

Measuring the success helps you to understand your areas of improvement in future activities. It also tells you the positives that should be maintained in the future.