Online Banner Advertising: Fewer Expenses, More Responses

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Online Banner Advertising: Fewer Expenses, More Responses

Branding is a major issue with both small and large brands. Business organizations require advertising to create brand awareness. It is one elementary need of the organizations that are into process of brand building or brand promotion. Now, when internet is coming up as the most feasible media, then its utilisation becomes helpful. Though many organizations are aware of the potentials of this medium but it has not been used till date. This scope can be utilised by availing online banner advertising services.

The online banner advertising is effective due to its reach to a large audience. In India, there are over 46 million Internet users, according to IAMAI. These users form an extensive base for business organizations that target Indian users. IAMAI states that the number of advertisers was approx. 40,000 in 2006. This is a sizeable number which includes various verticals. Thus, it is becoming considerably popular among the advertisers.

Internet is coming up as a powerful medium of advertising. The advantage of this medium lies in the accountability of viewer response and cost effective models. The advertising costs remain at a lower side due to the lesser charges. Advertisers are quite comfortable with the models like CPM and CPC. Moreover, online banner advertising attracts the user interest with their captivating graphics. This type of advertising has more influence over the target audience.

Online banner advertising is capable of reaching large target audience and gets more responses. These responses are due to the number of users that dabble through Internet. Indians use Internet for many reasons but the chances of coming across ads are high due to the presence of banner network India. There are many growing brands, which use this advertising for creating brand awareness. It is clear from the fact that around 291 advertisers spent over Rs. 10 lacs annually on online advertising. (IAMAI, 2006)

Moreover, the total number of advertisers that targeted Indian users was around 40,000. This clearly indicates the growing awareness among both users and the advertisers. With online banner advertising, business organizations have got an opportunity to do brand promotions effectively. The promotions will incur fewer expenses and more responses.