Online Banner Advertising – Mint Money With Just One Site

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Online Banner Advertising – Mint Money With Just One Site

Online Banner Advertising can well win an award for being the coolest way to make money instantly. And all that is required for such an arrangement â?? is just a website or a blog or any platform that you own in the virtual world. Wait, there is more to it. Not just owning a website would do the trick, if you want advertisers to promote themselves through your site, you got to make your site publicly available and thatâ??s not all, you got to make it interesting enough to encourage a steady flow of web traffic to your site.

If all this is not quite making sense to you, and you are still not sure about online banner advertising and its benefits, then hereâ??s a refresher. Online banner advertising is basically advertising a product, a service, an organization or even a concept, by publishing banner ads on websites that are frequented by the masses or the target audience or just a niche audience.

How can you become a publisher? If you have a site which is quite popular or have a steady number of web traffic, then you can qualify to become a publisher. The more popular is the site among the target customers of the advertisers, the more such sites have a chance to get chosen. Popularity need not necessarily be that your website is visited by a huge number of people; it is the relevant traffic that matters. To bring in more relevant traffic, you have to be careful about the content you choose to put in your site. To ascertain the web traffic and what kind of people are coming to the site, you can use Web Analytics services, like Google Analytics and Stat-counter.

The more relevant your target audience is to the advertisers, the more they would prefer your site for online banner advertising. Now how can you get benefited by the online banner advertising? Imagine, every time some one visits your site, you get paid a certain amount of money. This is how you get benefited. Cool, isnâ??t it? Thatâ??s right! An advertiser pays you on a Cost per Impression basis or on a Cost per Click basis, as decided while commencing the program. This is how you mint money from your website and all you need is just one site.

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