Making Banner Advertising Work – Secrets to Getting Sites in Your Market to Run Your Ads

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When it comes to making banner advertising work in your market you’re going to have to make sure you can get sites to run your ads. In this article I want to show you exactly how to make this happen so you can maximize your profits.

Why People Stop Using Banner Advertising…

The biggest mistake that most people make is they hear about the fact that this is one of the best traffic sources on the Internet so they go out and buy some ads.

The problems start when they go to the wrong sites to by ad space. What happens is they will usually go to the biggest sites in the market and talk to a call center that is trained to sell you on buying ads from them!

Then they will pay all this money and expect that they are going to get a ton of traffic in return. The problem is the prices they pay for these ads on big sites is usually to expensive for the products they are selling and they wind up losing money.

Here Is How To Get The Right Sites To Let You Run Your Ads…

#1 – The first thing you need to do is make sure you are not approaching the big sites in your market. You need to realize that they know they can charge a fortune and people will pay it.

So don’t think they are going to give you a special deal because you are small. They won’t!

#2 – Go to sites that look like they complement what you are selling. Let me give you an example – I have a site that teaches people how to buy and sell single engine airplanes.

If I found a site that shows pictures of 747’s, is that a good site to buy ads on? Not at all!

It is in the same market as me, but it is not similar to what I am selling. People looking at 747 pictures are usually not looking to buy single engine airplanes.

So make sure you focus on sites that offer similar services as yours & share the same customers that you have.

Then you can talk to them and get them to run your ads. If they make you money – keep running them every month! I have been running ads on some sites for 2 years and they still make me a lot of money.