Find Targeted Websites For Your Ad Banner Campaign

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Find Targeted Websites For Your Ad Banner Campaign

There are many website where is possible to advertise, but you want to find a website that is relevant to your offer that you have on your capture page. You want to find audience that will be interest in your business, product or service.

How to find a quality website for your ad banners:

Step one: Create a list of websites to research

Go to Google and start by typing in the keywords your target market would use to search for there are of interest. Start by looking at websites and blogs you personally visit to see if there are any banner advertisements on their site. If so, add this website to your research list. If not, quickly scan the website to see how they make money. If they are running other forms of advertising add them to your research list. If not, move on.

Step two: Research websites

1.) – Go to and type in the URL of the website you are researching. You are looking for the overall traffic rank as well as traffic rank by country, related links and keywords. In very general terms you are looking for websites with a traffic rank between 1 and 100,000. However there are exceptions to this rule: you may find a highly targeted website with a very loyal following that is well above 100,000 in traffic but still a great place to advertise. They key here is to gain a general understanding of the site, who visit it and how much traffic it receives

2.)    Examine the website

Quality content: Does this website offer the reader valuable content or does it look like the Las Vegas strip a flood of blinking and flashing banner ads? Make sure the site has a good balance of quality content that keeps viewers around. The longer a person is on the website, the more likely they are to click on your banner ad.

Targeting: Does the website attract the type of viewers you want? Does it attract people who would be interested in what you have to offer? Most people want to make more money, so most websites will fit these criteria, but the more targeted your banner ad placement is, the better your results will be.

Place your banner advertisement:

1.)    Understanding placement: Without question you want to be “above the fold” 9the top portion of the website you see when you open it in your browser) so your intended audience will not have to scroll down the page in order to see your banner. This is important because an “impression” is counted every time the page loads. If the page loads, you will be charged regardless if someone sees your banner ad or not and most people do NOT scroll down the first page.

2.)    Start small: While you may be pressured for a long-term contract at a “special rate”, it is always advisable to start with a smaller budget for shorter time period. Explain to the site owner that you are conducting a test run and if your banner does well you will be happy to commit to a long-term relationship with the sire.

Google adwords: You can create a banner campaign within Google Adwords by selecting “site targeted campaign” when you go to create a new campaign. You can choose to set this up on either pay-per-click or CPM basis. You can use Google site targeting to also choose websites that accept banner ad campaign and then contact the site owner directly to negotiate a better deal.

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