Click Through Rates on Banner Ads

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Online banner advertising can be good for people surfing the internet and looking for something that they will probably be interested in. These people can quickly find sellers of products or services that they probably need.

Banner ads can be a form of advertising that can attract viewers and make clicks. But there are also people that think that banner advertising can no longer give good returns to website owners because of falling click through rates.

We have to remember that the click through rate can be a good measure of the success of your banner advertising campaign. Increasing the click through performance is essential for a banner ad campaign.

But there are observations also that banner ad rates are falling. Combining the falling banner ad rates and complimenting it with a reasonable click through rate can probably give you good return on investment.

It is necessary, therefore, to optimize the performance of your ads. Improved and reasonable click throughs may be observed if good optimization is done.

For your ad campaign to be effective, the specific websites where your targeted audience is expected to visit should be chosen. This is targeted marketing and can give you good optimization.

An animated banner ad may have a good probability of being more successful that the traditional ads. These can have more potential of getting the viewers’ attention than the traditional one.

Making your ad brief but more provocative with calls for action can be more impressive and give more clicks. Words like “click here” can give more action and may encourage more viewers to click to satisfy curiosity.

Have different versions of your banners ads and make a test on these. Make simple versions as well as complex ones to test what ads give more curiosity and attract viewers.

You will probably need the services of good graphic artists to design your ads. Those with good graphic designs can probably attract more attention.

After testing your well designed banner ad for a couple of days, evaluate its performance. If it will not give you the desired click throughs, make adjustments and subject the ad to another round of testing.

By way of doing experimentation’s on how your ads are made, you can make them perform as you expect them to be. These can make a good improvement on your click through rate and may give you conversions.

The success of your banner ad campaign may depend largely on how you design it, the placement on the website pages and the relevant sites where they are placed. Test your banner ads periodically so that you can make good adjustments on how to improve it, and thus improve your click throughs and give you the needed returns.