Build your brand with national advertising banner

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In the current state of the economy, maintain a strong brand presence is more important than ever. Online Media Buying (Banners alias) is a good way for companies to franchise their core audience to stay.

Experience TruePresence can attest that this form of advertising is not generating leads for people looking to buy your franchise system, it is not due to a measurable, or to generate foot traffic locations for local franchises. There are better ways to generate leads online, which will be discussed in future blog entries.

But if the construction of a national brand is your goal, banner advertising is a powerful tool for franchise systems.

To begin, you need to develop an objective of the campaign and determine the parameters that you use to judge their success. most common measures:

The next step is to create a dynamic advertising (creation) and the corresponding landing page (the page to build your website, where a user “lands” when they click your ad). Do not assume that you should direct the user clicks on your ad directly to your homepage. Online advertising is more effective when goal page is a logical extension of the message of the banner. Ideally, the landing page is to encourage visitors to respond in any way.

Have you set your goals and creative, it is time to research where your audience spend their time on the net. The ad networks allow users of demographic data standards such as goal on gender, age, etc. Each network offers several advantages, and it may take a few tries to find one for your business. If your brand is niche enough, you can insert advertising on a network and sell the work with a select group of sites, advertising, although it may take much longer to complete.

Finally, you have to negotiate CPM (cost per thousand impressions) volumes – and this is a great art. In general, there could be between a fee of $ 2 – $ 5 CPM for run-of-network inventory, as well as $ 20 for Premium CPM advertising space on a site of importance to a certain audience (for example, is targeted WebMD). Other themes are to negotiate the bounds of the contract, clauses lost frequency discounts, caps and frequency.