Right Banners at Right Places Will Drive Traffic

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So you have a good product and also have a website to promote it. But your sales are not increasing as not many people know about your product. This is where advertising comes into play. Banner advertising is one tool that has been used effectively for this purpose for a long time now. This method of advertising is paid advertising as you place your banners on some popular sites knowing that the traffic on these sites is great and your banner will be seen by a lot of people this way. You have to pay the website for allowing you to display your banner. Sometimes it is a flat rate and at times you are charged per click. In both ways, banner advertising is a very cost effective way to advertise your site and it certainly brings traffic to your site which is ultimately converted into customers. You can simultaneously advertise on a number of sites to increase the number of visitors to your site in an exponential manner. In reality it does not happen this way all the time and the conversion rate may be less than expected. But banners are serving their purpose if they are driving potential customers to your site.

Choosing the sites on which to place your banner is very crucial as the foot fall will depend on your choice of websites. Some sites are very popular and get heavy traffic everyday. You may be tempted to place your ad banner on that site just because you think that it gets so many visitors everyday. But if the subject of your site and the site on which you intend to place your banner are mismatched, you cannot hope to get any mileage out of placing your banner on that site. For example, if your website is about delicious recipes and you place your banner on a site that is about car racing, you will not get your share of traffic as racing site is visited by people having interest in motor sport and not recipes at all. Similarly if you sell e-books on a serious subject and place your banner on a children’s site, all your money will go to waste as you do not expect children to be interested in a heavy subject, do you?

Google AdWords is one place where you can place your banners without any fear. If your keywords match with those being searched on the browser, Google will show your banner to all those who searched the keyword. This is an effective way to get a lot of clicks from the people who typed the same keywords. Google is a giant when it comes to search engines and millions of people search on this engine daily.

All said and done, you must pay special attention to the designing of your banner as it is your only chance to interact with the surfers. So, it is in your interest to get it designed in an attractive and eye catching manner. They should be such that they make surfers stop and think about them.