Banner Design How To Be More Effective And Less Annoying

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How To Make Banner Design More Effective And Less Annoying

Banner graphics are still the largest most popular format of online advertisement. But years ago advertisers and marketers came to a conclusion that the wide usage of common formats of online banner design has made the audiences banner blind. What does it mean? To simply put people have now decided to ignore the online banner advertisements.

Recently it was also discovered that banner designs can be the most annoying form of web advertisements after pop ups and pop-unders. However, many advertisers still report that the banners are still there most effective tool.

First of all not all banner designs are annoying. Each day we often come across various informative, suggestive, thought provoking, interesting and brilliant designs. They key that small businesses, advertisers and marketers need to understand that in order to be effective their design needs to be less annoying and more web friendly or I would say more audience friendly.

Lets first understand the anatomy of a horrible banner design; this design is noisy, offensive, unintelligent, dumb and very boring. This particular banner has the ability to make me hate the websites that display it and make me use plugins to block all the advertisements. This is a banner design that disturbs me with its fast moving animations and shocking bright, eye teasing colors. This annoying banner makes false promises and fraudulently invites me to click it by displaying deceptive images.

To make a banner design a really effective marketing tool we need to remove all the elements that make our banner annoying and instead we should add elements that would make our banner design more clickable and likable.

Colors, using colors that do not hurt the eyes of the viewer is something that cannot be stressed more. Please stop using red font on a yellow background. It really hurts the eyes, looks ugly and ruins the design of any web page hosting and displaying this hideous banner design.

Animations, it is wonderful to know that an advertiser paid extra money to get an animated banner design. Even though most designers would tell you that faster animations make a banner less clickable. But businesses believe that the designers are avoiding extra work, hence they insist on more animation. Please note that a banner that animates too fast not only looks ugly but it also slowdowns a viewer’s machine. Use simple animations that are not too fast and not too distracting.

Fraudulent banners are the most offensive ones. These are the banner designs that pretend to look like an operating system menu and warning the user about some potential threat or an announcement that they have won something. There are even banners that offer people instant wealth, fame and glory. We all wish the world was that easier, and we all know that it is not. So please stop making a fool of yourself no one is actually going to click on such a banner with an intention of becoming a customer.