Banner Advertising Essentials – Getting Website Traffic to a New Site Through Banner Advertising

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Did you notice that some banner advertisements are able to make you stop and look at it for a few seconds and sometimes entice you to click on it, and how some do not actually grab your attention at all and you just breeze through a particular site oblivious of the banner ads splashed over its pages? That is because some banner advertisers and banner designers have found a way to catch people’s attention with as little text as possible and the ability to convey their message on visuals alone.

A banner can be informative without having too much text on it because pictures and images can actually say more than words. Also people who are rushing in looking for a specific thing will not pause for a banner that contains a lot of things to read. What catches people’s concentration and interest are banner advertisements that contain visuals that say what it is supposed to mean at a single glance, at the most two seconds because the rule of online advertising or even the regular visual advertising is that if you cannot keep a person glued at your item for at least five seconds, then your banner advertisement is not effective to that person.

Your banner has to be informative, yes, but not educational in the sense that people have to take time reading the virtues of your product when you can actually encapsulate all you need to say in just a tag and allow the pictures to just tell the rest of the story. For example, a picture of a sneezing person and a background of other people, probably his friends or officemates showing facial expressions of shunning him and a picture of a tablet on the side is saying more than a thousand words already and we have not even written anything on it.

The proper placement of your banner advertisement is also of utmost importance as was mentioned awhile ago and many people lose a lot of website traffic because their banner ads are placed on the wrong site. They could have chosen a website more conducive to enticing more interested people on the products that they are trying to sell instead. And keeping the banner advertisement at a site where it is not generating enough website traffic for you may only keep you from earning more of what you are really supposed to earn.

One sure way to know if a site is good to run your banner ads on is if it has been pre-qualified by other advertisers and there are currently banner ads on it who have been advertising there for quite some time. You see, bringing visitors to your website is to bring in website traffic that will also spend money to buy your products.