Affiliate Marketing Tactics: Choosing Affiliate Banners Size and Shape

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Affiliate Marketing Tactics: Choosing Affiliate Banners Size and Shape

If you have been around Internet marketing for quite some time, you will realize that banners are dead. At one time, you could throw a banner up on your website and begin making money almost on the spot. Everybody wanted to click on those flashy banners. The prettier that they were, the more clicks they would get. Eventually, people ended up ignoring the banners and it is known as banner blindness. Webmasters began to find ways to get people to click on links. Banners seem to be no use but does that mean that they are totally useless?

The answer is simply a no. If you use them in the proper way you can actually make money. It was common for banners to be in one standard size when banner blindness first came around. Since that time, there has been variety of different banner shapes and sizes that are available. Not only does this help to avoid the banner blindness problem, it can help you to fit them into your website.

We don’t just design our pages so that we can put a standard banner at the top. It really helps if you’re able to fit a rectangular or larger square banner into the middle of your content. In his way, people that are visiting your website are not necessarily looking for a banner at that point so they may see it more readily.

You are still not going to be delighted with your banner marketing efforts unless you add a little bit to them. You do it by adding text on top, underneath or beside the banner that guides the person to the same link. You can boost your click through rate by using this method as long as it is not against the terms of service for the affiliate marketing program.

You should always be testing when it comes to using affiliate banners. Sometimes, just by switching from one vendor to another, even though they are the same size it will make a difference. Don’t give up on banner advertising on your webpage, adapt to any changes that are necessary to make it work.