Advert Placement Advice

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When thinking about where to place Your next banner advertisement there are many things to consider but I’d like to deal with a few key points that will ensure that where You place Your advert will maximize results.

1. Is it Really in Your Niche?

When looking at the website where Your banner is going to be placed does the content really deal with Your niche? It is no mistake that webmasters with Google AdSense accounts only have adverts shown by Google that deal with their particular topic. If Google is doing it why aren’t You?

2. Longevity

How long has the website been online? If it’s only been online for only a few months chances are that it’s not receiving very much traffic so always check. Another thing to consider is that if it’s been online only a couple of months who is to say it won’t be gone tomorrow when the Webmaster decides it’s not really His or Her ‘thing’ and shuts it down.

3. Time Delay

Always find out the time delay between when You submit Your ad, when it is approved and when it goes online. If You are looking for instant results then it probably won’t help Your cause if it takes 3 weeks to get an advert online.

4. Who Else is On?

Check out the websites of those already advertising on the Website. If they are quality websites then most definitely advertise on there but if they are sub-par then simply consider what kind of individual the webmaster must be if they let anybody and everybody advertise on their website. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’ so watch those You’re flying with.