Website Banner Ads

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Website Banner Ads are an effective tool for marketing your products on the internet. Most of the advertising that’s done on the internet is done using Google AdWords. As a result there is more competition in this advertising space and this drives up the cost of text ads.

Banner Ads offer a number of distinct advantages over text ads:

  1. Because there are less of these ads than text ads there is less competition for visibility
  2. As a result these online banner ads generally enjoy a lower cost per click (CPC)
  3. Because Website Banner Advertising employs a visual ad this type of advertising can draw more eyes to it than internet text ads
  4. There is an infinite number of ways that a website banner ad can be presented unlike their text counterpart with their strict word count limit
  5. These ads can be presented in different sizes and on different locations on a web page and each variation is likely to achieve different Click Through Rates (CTR)
  6. Unlike the text version there is no limit to the number of words you can use in a banner, however the most successful ones get straight to the point, employing sharply focused words to convey their message followed up with a powerful call to action
  7. With website banner ads you can experiment with their color, the images used, the script, the placement of various elements within the ad, the size of the ad, and so much more
  8. With all of these possibilities it is easier to split test more banners than text ads, which can lead to CTRs that are way higher than those from text version

An Excellent Website Strategy

As with anything else, a successful website banner ad campaign starts with an effective strategy, and while there are other strategies that can be employed, here’s one that has proven to be very effective…

  1. Take the script from your best performing print ad and use this script in a website banner
  2. Select the banner size that has traditionally enjoyed one of the highest CTRs and create your banner ad at this size
  3. Create 10 to 20 variations, changing images within the ad as well as your text placement, or background color, however the text must remain the same in all ads
  4. Submit your ads to Google for approval, then once approved monitor your ads to determine your best performers
  5. Use a split tester to statistically determine your winners. A 95% certainty is recommended
  6. Now take your best performing ads and experiment with various banner sizes
  7. Once you determine your optimum size take your testing to the next level by experiment with color, text placement, your call to action, etc., etc.

Depending on what you spend monthly on website ads, especially on Google ads, this strategy can vastly increase your profitability by bringing you more traffic for less money. So you could end up saving money on your internet advertising while at the same time making more money from the increased traffic that you could be getting…How’s that for exponential business growth!