Getting Traffic With Banner Ads

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There are a couple of ways to get traffic and one of them that’s most overlooked by many is getting traffic with banner ads. However, people think that banners are old school and no longer effective but the fact of the matter is that it still gets a lot of traffic. Now the question is, how do you get to that goal of getting a lot of traffic? There are several steps that you can do in order to achieve this and that’s what this article is going to teach you about.

The key to anything in search marketing or when you’re paying for advertising is to make it very easy and make it scalable so that you can grow step by step without having to risk a lot of money from the start. So it is important to start small and let it scale up overtime.

Targeting a source is the very first thing that you can do in order to get traffic with your banner ads. There are two ways where you can do this and first is you may find sites that offer banners and try to find something that would fit those users or you may offer your program and find sites in that niche that fit that model that you can advertise on.

The next step that you should do is to find a site. If you already have come up with a niche market in mind, you may just go to Google and look it up. Try to check the sites and see if they have banner advertising on their pages. One good way of making this easier is to download a Firefox internet browser if you don’t have one. But if you do, you can actually add a plug-in that will tell you certain information about the site. If you haven’t found a market yet, then you should do the “find the market first” type of method. In this process, you would need to go to different banner sources like AdBrite for instance, look at their site directory and get the list of all the sites with daily page views. In this case, you can go direct to a landing page or an offer and target it based on people’s behavior.

Another step that you should do is to create targeted ads and set your focus on getting as many clicks as possible. The key to this is to make your banner fit the flow of the site. Try to make it look fancy as if it belongs to website or the page where you’re placing it on. In this way you are able to catch the attention of people who will see them and make them look good.

Finally you should test the track and refine it. Find out what ads and which banners work best. You should also figure out what sites are pulling the best click to rate and getting you more sales and conversions. And the most important thing is to weed out all the stuff that’s not working so that you can spend them more on the ones that are producing and even more worth it.