Success Banner Ads

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A banner ad is just a particular type of hypertext link. Due to its graphic factor, it is a bit similar to any usual ad you would notice in a printed publication; however, it has the additional ability to take a prospective customer directly to the advertiser’s web site. Advertising through banners is also different from a print ad in its dynamic potential. It remains in one place on a page, but it can present several images, incorporate animation and change appearance in many other ways.

Measuring Success of Advertising by using Banners

Advertisers measure the success of advertising through banners by several ways:

· Page views or page impressions: This is the number of times a particular web page has been demanded from the server. Advertisers are concerned about page views as they show the number of visitors who could have notices your banner.

· Click-through rate: This tells the ‘page views to clicks ratio’. It is written as the percentage of total visitors to a particular page who in fact clicked on the banner you placed.

· Cost per sale: This is the assessment of how much advertising funds is used on making single sale. Many advertisers monitor visitor activity by means of internet cookies.

Advertising with Banners

Any advertiser who wants to post banners on other sites has three basic alternatives:

1. Arrange to show other web sites’ banners in return for them presenting its ad.
2. Pay publisher sites to place its banner.
3. Pay an organization in the same field for posting the banner on a number of publisher sites.

These three alternatives take many shapes and advertisers must pick the option that suits them best. For instance, if you would like to post banners on other sites but do not have the funds to build up a customary advertising campaign, you can opt to exchange banner ads with other web sites. However, your banner ad might not appear on many sites unless you invest a whole lot of your time in looking for interested webmasters.

If you would like your banner to appear on a lot of sites in a smaller period of time – and also do not want to pay extra money for it – then your greatest bet is to go for a banner exchange program. This allows you to position your banner ads cautiously and place other website’s banners on your web site.