Static and Dynamic Rotation in Banner Ad Campaign

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Static & Dynamic Rotation in Banner Ad Campaign

There are immeasurable advertising tactics and pay per click campaigns adopted by website promotion experts to rank well in major search engines search, but banner ad are still considered one of the best strategies in promoting websites. Banner advertising is a marketing technique that harnesses the power of the internet. The use of banner ads in promotional campaigns helps a website to advertise itself in a more graphical and animated way.

The two most important elements of banner advertising are:

Conceptualizing a great ad idea
Creating a well-constructed banner

These two elements are the best way to create a banner ad for generating traffic to your website. One of the key aspects of successful banner advertising is to target your market. A website should place its ad banners on web sites that target its market. This will prompt users to click on it. This ensures a successful website promotion campaign.

Most web promotion experts design captivating graphical and animated banner ads for quick notice. An animated banner with a mixture of eye-catching images and materials captures the attention of the visitor. A graphical banner ad is the core component for your banner advertising strategies.

Static Banners and Dynamic Rotated Banners

Web site promotion depends on two styles of banners, static and dynamically rotated banners. As the name suggests, static banners are still banners that remain the same with every page load, for every visitor.

Dynamically rotated banners deliver banner ads on a random, rotating basis. This style allows ads to be served on different pages and exposes users to a variety of ads. One of the main advantages of dynamic rotation is the random delivery of banners that promotes to each new visitor.

It would be wise for an firm to employ diverse banners for single advertisers. A combination of static and dynamic banners will result in a successful web site promotion campaign.