Making Banners

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Traditionally, the flag was rectangular in shape from the fabric. The disclosure text and the name of the agency show there. In the past, the presentation of content to be used as applique embroidered on the fabric base. But now I’m done with fabric paint.

Now also mean banners, web banners. These are the header graphics of web pages viewed, usually the company name and logo on top of a web page. These are mainly used to display advertising on the Web-pages.

There are several aspects of the creation of banners. Here is a general discussion to make banners.

Punch Line:

Punch Line is the phrase a few words on the banner displayed. Basically Point is the keyword for the content of the website. As tempting as it must be just click on the banner on the web page users see it. Often, these lines are funny.


A good copy, appears on the relevant Point is essential. The copy should be short and crisp. The text should be simple and clear. The end of the copy can create another point a lasting impact on the reader.


The content of the banner must be relevant to the site. A web site sells bird feed do not need a photo portrait of thin women in skimpy two-piece. These images will obviously increase the number of visitors to the site, but the site may lose purchase or subscription.

Logo and web address:

Obviously, for banner advertising and ‘brand promotion. brand logo and the URL of the website, the label provides information on the details in the banner should be brought to reason. But the view of these two should not swallow the attractiveness of the measure. Accordingly, the mark may be in a corner, and the URL of the website, the address mark description to accompany the logo can be made in a very small font size.

Click on request:

The Lightning open a request to click on the banner to see the report that the number of visitors increases on the target web page. The application should be displayed for 5 seconds to generate long-term effect on users.

Banner file size:

Banners are usually displayed in the pages on top of the net. Therefore, they must come before the eyes of the user other site content. file banners largest take longer to load. They often lack the ability to take the users’ attention. Sun is the size of the banner must be kept small. This means that a compromise must be made banner color animation on E.

Flash animations can be a solution in relation to file size. But can the loss of vision as a result the user has Flash plugin to view animation.

Period of execution of a Banner:

As reported, bringing users every 10 seconds animated banners. Animated banners Therefore full view of its contents within 10 seconds with a typical call to action at the end.