Making Banner Ads CLICK For You

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It is highly unlikely that you have not across any banner advertisements during your Internet sessions. On the other hand, there is hardly any online business that can do without it. Available in all sizes and shapes, these advertisements scream for attention with their catchy graphics and text. Animations, line art, simple text, or design: all these make up an attractive banner advertisement meant for attracting visitors (and business) for the advertiser.

However, just an attractive advertisement is not enough to register the desired impact. Among other dimensions, placement of an ad is a vital one. Without proper placement, an ad will not get noticed by the target audience and hence it will be rendered wastage of valuable resources. Choosing the proper space is not that hard– focus on target is all that one needs.

Any banner advertisement should be placed on a website that relates to the same product or service. Or at least caters to the same clientèle. The most obvious reason for this is that people might be interested in related products rather than abstract thoughts. The key is to find a website that does not offer products or services but gives information to the same clientèle.

There is an alternative to buying ad space on other websites- and that is Banner Exchange Programme. This kind of an arrangement spells out terms of exchanging banners instead of buying space on other websites. Two or more websites enter into a banner exchange network and display each other’s banners on their pages. A cost effective method, such an arrangement assures maximum exposure without any costs involved.

Last but not the least, the appearance of an online banner advertisement is as important as anything else. It should be able to spread the message across and leave a desired impact.