Why Flash Banners Make More Sense Than Animated Gifs Banners

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In today’s highly competitive and fast paced environment of online marketing and website promotion, everyone needs to market and advertise their websites in order to reach the right target customers. Flash banners are one of the best marketing tools available for this purpose and it is the new form of online advertising which is quickly replacing traditional marketing method. These banners are designed to attract visitors to the advertiser’s website, thus increasing exposure of the website. And they can be embedded in various websites, just like billboards that we can see on high-rise buildings or television advertisements that we see in between our favorite shows. Flash banners are popular amongst giant websites, such as Microsoft and Nokia.

Traditionally banner ads have been created using GIF files. But flash movies have been proven to return better results than animated gifs, especially in displaying advertisements. Flash banners are generally smaller and they can be used to show videos and sounds. This certainly improves the visibility of these flash movies, since they are more animated and more attractive than static banners. These eye-catching ads can also be designed to include interactive functions that allow viewers to do various things such as clicking and even typing text on them. Certain things are better explained using images and animated words. Diagrams, flow charts and other types of charts are delivered better using flash banners than using plain text.

Website owners who wish to use flash ads in their websites should not use stock flash multimedia. It is better if you design your own flash banners because other people might be using the same design and your flash content will not be special. By designing your own banner ads in flash, you are free to use whichever image, video or audio files you like. Customization is unlimited to only your creativity and imagination. Use your own company or website logo, put your own images and sounds, and reach your target audience. Furthermore, you will be able to create a unique, one-of-a-kind flash movie. The message is conveyed accurately when you design your own banner and you can control the size so that it will not be too heavy and slow down the website.

To create flash banners, one is usually required to have some knowledge of ActionScript. However, nowadays there are more options of applications that can be used to create flash banners by just using a mouse. Whichever application you choose, be sure to create banner ads that are not too large in size, as most websites require flash banners to be within certain limits, before you are allowed to advertise at their websites. Also always remember that flash offers a considerable advantage over the animated gif banners because of the reasons just mentioned, so it only makes sense that you use flash banners for your advertising. Remember that attractiveness plays a huge role in catching the attention of visitors to your website. The more eye-catching your flash banners are, the more visitors will click on your advertisements and as a result, you will get more traffic from potential customers.