Creating a Winning Banner Ad

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Simply having the right software won’t help you in creating a good banner. Here are some tips on creating a good banner design.

1) Use the words “Click here” or “Enter” every time you design a banner. You may think that these are overused words in the online world. However, it has been proven time and again that these do increase the effectiveness of a banner ad by about 20-30%.

2) Animate Your Banners. It is also said that an animated banner increases your banner ad’s effectiveness by 30-40%. The key when using animation is to keep it to a minimum when creating your banner. The reason for this is that having big pictures and images or live video in your banner will mean that it loads too slowly.

3) Create quick loading banners. Having banners less than 10-12 KB ensures this. However, this may be difficult to achieve when using animation in your ads. Generally the majority of animated banners are within the 15-20 KB but that is a way too large to load quickly.

4) Use an awesome headline in your banner. Also remember that simply having a fine looking banner doesn’t mean people will click on it .The key to an effective banner advertisement is to have a good headline. It is advisable to have the same headline on your banner ad as what you have on your entry page.

5) The best word to use in your banner headline is “FREE.” This doesn’t at all imply that you have to include the word “FREE” in your banner and have no other text. The fact is, that by using the word “FREE” in almost any headline makes your response rates increase radically.

6) Blue underlined text will often increase your response rate. Having blue underlined text usually implies they are links. Therefore by having your headline in this type of format will ensure a higher click through ratio as people know it is a link to another site.

7) A blue border gives you a better response rate than any other color border does for a banner. Using blue for the border color of your banner will influence a greater number of people to click on the entire banner. It is often a fine idea to use your web site address in the banner. Use of a web address or company logo in a small section of the banner just helps to produce a branding effect on people’s minds and gives you a few extra hits.

8) Change your banner ads frequently. Research has proven that banner ads loose their effectiveness after about the third viewing. If a person hasn’t clicked on it by at least the third viewing, then that person will probably never do it.

Simply having the right software won’t help you in creating a good banner. It is all about catching the viewer’s attention and giving them a reason to click on it.