Creating an Effective Banner Ad Campaign

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Just how true a saying is that? Whether in the wheat fields of Georgia or at home on the Internet, a good idea will generate good income. Such is true of banner advertising.

To begin, you will want to define goals for your campaign. Ask yourself the following questions: What do I wish to accomplish using this campaign? What step do I want online users to take when they first see my ad? Once you have defined your answers, it is time to develop your advertising message.

Here are some proven ideas that you can adopt to create an effective banner ad campaign:

1) Study some of the best online. Refer back to some of the best banner ads that you have seen previously. Take a look at and look at the various banner ads. Identify at least three banner ads that catch your attention best. What is the common ground in the three ads? This will enable you to identify what techniques are most effective, as well as what design style attracts you best.

2) Send a clear message in graphic design. Your main goal is to have people take a particular action after viewing your ad. You want to present a strong, clear message to capture interest. Present your primary message as the strongest visual element in your ad.

3) Use seven words or less. This works best for a small visual space. Use fewer words and make the font size bigger. This delivers better impact. Remember that less is more in this case.

4) Think power words. Words like free, outstanding, secret, awesome, affordable and endearing – these all deliver a terrific message. You want to grab attention as quickly as possible.

5) Go easy on animation. You want the animation to draw the eye without offending the viewer in any way. Be subtle when in doubt. For the animation speed, look for something that changes at a slow to moderate pace. Consider setting your animations so that they stop after three cycles; some sites may insist on this.

As you create your design, remember that you will make a stronger impact with less cluttered messages. Go light on the number of elements, the colors, fonts, graphics and words that you use in your ad. You want to bring across a strong primary message.

You will make a favorable impression with your banner advertising if you pay careful attention to detail. Less is more, be subtle in animation and use clever wording for best impact. Prospects will act quickly and be impressed with your creatively designed banner advertising.