Banner Designing For Your Portals

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Banner Designing For Your Portals

Flash Banners
The Flash Banners can be described as one of the most interactive and captivating web banner advertisement. This is the most advanced and developed technology of website banner design wherein motion is actually given to the objects used. Flash can be used to create the whole sites or web pages or on a page to highlight any imperative data or information. The Flash banner has a major advantage as there is a real high possibility of it literally demanding the attention of the viewer and hence increasing the success of the website. With the increasing expectations of the users the demand for these types of banner design has increased alarmingly. With flash a lot of things which were earlier not possible to upload are not a reality. For example you can have the videos or even some live coverage of an event. A Flash banner gives an extra ordinary look to the website and forces the viewer to think that the website is fully loaded with modern technology and latest trends and fashions. However with the disadvantage of having a huge file size leading to slow downloading, flash animated Banners are worth giving a try. An effective Flash banner can be a very good guide for the users to navigate from one page to another.

Gif animated Banners
Most of us might think that the times of gif animation is gone with the dominance of 3d animation. But that is where we go wrong. It is true that most major companies prefer flash banners for their banner design but then these are the ones which have started irritating the viewers. The more the clutter the more that concept takes a pounding. So the gif animation is an undoubtedly good idea to for the promotion of our website. The gif is the most browser friendly form of animation and this cuts the limitation of this type of ads. Easy to load and using less space the gif animated banners can give the maximum output with minimum with minimum risks. In this a particular series of images are selected and then they are arranged one after another. A particular time frame is given for their display. In this way when an entire round of images are shown quickly it feels like it’s a moving object or element. This can be an old but still very valuable form of web advertisement. When compare to flash animation it may lack some function or an appeal but each type of banner ads have their set of advantages and disadvantages.

Static Banner
Static Banner can be one of the most sophisticated forms of online banner design. Though there can be arguments against it that it cannot stand the competition posed by fast media such as the Gif animation or the Flash it can provide a very decent and thoroughly professional look to your website. These types of website banner design can be termed as Simplicity at its Best. This type of online banner design can score brownie points over other forms of design as the message can be understood easily by the viewer. Many a times the users are in a hurry and as a result there are high chances that they might not wait for the Flash or the Gif but the Static Banner can be read in a couple of seconds. With no chance of facing any Browser or display problems it can be made as easy and simple for the layman to get through the idea. A static Banner ad is the safest form of website banner design wherein you can get a positive response from the audience whom you don’t know, whereas sometimes the flashy designs might look as a façade to the viewers. This also gives an impression that the website has something to offer seriously and not only the captivating banners.

Ad Banner
An ad banner is basically used for advertisements on your website. These types of banner design have a particular purpose as the need the attention of the viewer for success. Now a days online advertisement has gain major momentum and as a result of this the competition has also increased. So much so that these types of banners have started become a cliché in just about two decades from their birth. This pressurizes the owner of the website to have the ad banners so attractive and unique that it demands the attention of the viewer. The ad banners are necessary for it makes a good part of the revenue. Also sometimes the ‘principle of the more the better’ works better. When the web page is filled with variety of ads it gives an impression that the website is successful.

Web Banner
A banner is generally an object which ideally is visually attractive and says the message loud and clear. All our local shops have banners and most of them are creative. Similarly in a website a banner plays an inevitable role in the success. Online banner design is a must for the websites. Generally web banners are used for advertising, as the user clicks on these banners and is taken to the web page which the banner suggests thus increasing its traffic. We would provide with some of the most classy looks of the banner which would be unique and original. A web banner includes a variety of objects such as flas, banner logo design, ad banners, static banners etc. Simple banner ads are generally very easy to make using HTML codes. The more functions inserted in a web banner, the more time it takes to load and function properly. Also the TML codes are very browser friendly and hence the web banners hardly face any problems functioning. Web banners function how the ideal advertisements are bound to function, to attract the audience and increasing the revenue of the website. Ence it can be said that the web banners are an integral part of website banner design without the presence of which the website readers meaningless.